Final projects and ideas

Final projects

  • First Place Winners and Tamr Prize: Pogo. Correlating Social Media with Consumer Behavior. Github.
  • Runner-up Team: BigPhotos. Suggesting best photos for profiles. Presentation.
  • Runner-up Team:  Collaborative recommendation system. Presentation.
  • Indico API Award and Tamr Prize: Insomnia. Tracking opinion changes about Ukraine over time. Github. Presentation.
  • GlucoPredict. A predictive modeling engine for Apple’s clinical trial API. Presentation.


Hackathon Ideas

To collaborate on ideas the teams used our hackpad at

Previously Proposed Ideas

 Idea Description  Data Sets to Use  Submitter
Ranker: A method for ranking restaurants and identifying absolute rankings from Yelp and Twitter data Yelp, Twitter Val Lee, MIT
Identifying adverse MH events: Find patterns in Social Evolution Dataset to help predict warning signs for adverse mental health events to preemptively direct support resources. MIT Human Dynamics Lab Val Lee, MIT
Monitor opinion around a product,   brand or a public figure Twitter Organizing Committee
Create lists of must-read books on a specific topic based on book reviews The Guardian, NY Times Organizing Committee
Create profiles of your sales targets based on their mentions in the media Twitter, NY Times, The Guardian Organizing Committee
Recommend content based on user’s preferences Twitter, NY Times, The Guardian Organizing Committee
Suggest a product to a user based on  the user’s preferences Best Buy, Yelp Organizing Committee
Predict stock movements based on company mentions in the news Twitter, NY Times, The Guardian, historical stock data Organizing Committee
Prevent harassment on Twitter Twitter Organizing Committee

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